Departmental Bulletin Paper 上海海洋大学における日本語教育の現状と課題 ――基礎段階の教育実践を中心に――

張, 傑  ,  山本, 洋一  ,  沙, 秀程  ,  方, 如偉

The number of Japanese teachers and students in China tops in the world in 2015. Two thirds of theJapanese education in China is conducted in colleges and universities. This research explores the statusquo and issues of Japanese education in China exemplified by that in Shanghai Ocean University.Based on the background of Japanese education in China, it has studied the history of Japaneseeducation in Shanghai Ocean University and made an analysis of curriculum setting in the foundationstage. Taking the example of the PAD (Presentation, Assimilation and Discussion) practice in theExtensive Reading, this paper has explored the teaching practice made by our teachers to improvethe language proficiency of the students. It has also introduced one of our features—a variety ofinternational exchange. The inadequacy has been illustrated in the last part from the aspects of studentfacultyratio and our support to the students who would like to pursue overseas study. It is expected thatit can provide some reference to the Japanese education in universities of sciences and engineering inChina for those Japanese educators and educators.

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