Departmental Bulletin Paper ダイナミック・ケイパビリティ= 経営コンサルタント!? :「メタファー的思考」に基づく一つの思考実験

石坂, 庸祐

The concept of dynamic capability refers to the ability of the firm to envision and achieveappropriate strategic changes in dynamically changing environments, and its theoretical approachhas rapidly expanded its influence and scope over the past two decades. On the other hand, however,there is a considerable confusion as the result of excessive diversity due to ambiguity of conceptualdefinition and inconsistency of researcher's understanding in this research area. Therefore, in this paper,we conduct a thought experiment with the purpose of acquiring a new understanding of the conceptof dynamic capability. We adopt "metaphor thinking" as the method of the thought experiment, andattempt to clarify the essence of dynamic capability concept by comparing it to "management consultant"as an ideal type (that we constructed). As a result of that attempt, we insist that main functionalcharacteristics of management consultants such as "comprehensive knowledge", "objectivity" and"neutrality” are also valid as requirements of (superior) dynamic capabilities. We assume that these'requirements' will be a useful foundation for dynamic capability research.

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