Departmental Bulletin Paper 近代日本における公害問題と企業の社会的責任 ―明治期の藤田組を事例として―

岡田, 有功

The purpose of this paper is to consider how the mine company took the action against the pollutionproblem in 1900`s from the point of view of corporate social responsibility.Kosaka Mine run by Fujita-gumi & Co. came to be counted as one of the four largest copper minesby succeeding in the development of smelting technology. At the same time, however, the mine wasfacing a serious air pollution problem. In 1901 the mine dealt with the problem quickly, such as damageinvestigation and compensation for damages. Fusanosuke KUHARA, Office manager at Kosaka Mine,and his subordinate Yatarō KADO played a central role in the activities. President of Fujita-gumi &Co. Denzaburō FUJITA also contributed to the community by making a donation. They tried to fulfillcorporate social responsibility activities. When KUHARA and KADO left that company, and FUJITAbecame aged, the company was aimed at restructuring from decentralized organization to centralizedorganization since 1909.Under reorganization of the company and the expansion of the stricken area, fulfilling socialresponsibility was limited because it was regarded as a cost.

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