Departmental Bulletin Paper 九州共立大学におけるスポーツ事故の防止と緊急対応計画導入の取り組み

篠原, 純司  ,  成富, 勝  ,  辰見, 康剛  ,  中村, 奈菜

Most sports injuries are not life-threatening, however, when such situations do occur, time becomesthe critical factor. In order to provide immediate assistance to the injured athlete based on properknowledge and skills of first aid care, Emergency Action Plan (EAP) has to be implemented inadvance. At Kyushu Kyoritsu University, there are 1,370 student athletes involved with intercollegiatesports activities. This article discussed how the university developed and implemented EAP to theirintercollegiate sports activities through 2012 to 2015 academic years.

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