Departmental Bulletin Paper 商業科における授業力向上に向けた指導法の検討 : 教育実習事前指導の取り組みから
Teaching methods to improve quality of lessons in a commerce course : Pre-guidance for teaching practicums

梅田, 勝利  ,  日高, 和美  ,  髙橋, 佳代  ,  白石, 忍

Teaching methods to improve the quality of lessons in a commerce course was investigated. A studywas conducted in which a teacher in charge of teacher training, and a teacher in commerce studiescooperated to provide pre-guidance for a teaching practicum. The two teachers gave guidance on triallessons conducted by commerce course student. Changes in evaluating items of the trial lesson resultingfrom guidance, as well as the content of guidance were examined. The results indicated that practicalskills of students improved through guidance. Furthermore, there were differences in the quality ofguidance between the two teachers. The teacher in charge of teacher training focused on attitudes as ateacher, and how to ask questions, whereas the teacher of commerce studies focused on understandingtechnical concepts. It is suggested that cooperation between the two types of teachers is necessary.

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