Departmental Bulletin Paper 場所を表す名詞に下接する格助詞「に」「で」「を」について : 日本語教育の観点に基づく先行研究の整理と課題
The locative particle ni, de, and o attached to place nouns : A review of prior studies and examination of issues from the perspective of Japanese language education

岡田, 美穂  ,  奥田, 俊博

Based on existing research in Japanese linguistics, this study aims to summarize the propertiesof locative particle ni , de , and o attached to place nouns, from the perspective of Japanese languageeducation. It then aims to identify the problematic aspects of ni as in kurasu ni kankokujin ga futari iru(‘There are 2 Koreans in a class’) and de as in ano kissaten de kōhī o nomimashou (‘Let’s have acoffee at that coffee shop’), in order to reveal the stages of development involved in Japanese languagelearners’ acquisition of ni attached to place nouns.

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