Departmental Bulletin Paper 河原操子の日本語教育活動についての一考察
Foreign Languages college of Inner Mongolia University

包, 賀喜格図  ,  包, 阿栄

From September 1900 to January 1906, kawaharamisako had taught Chinese people Japaneserespectively in the Daido school in Yokohama, Wuben Female School in shanghai,and Yuzheng FemaleSchool in Kharatsin Right County Inner Mongolia. Her teaching activities then had achieved a goodteaching result. After introducing the Japanese education expansion strategy made by the Toadobunkai,which aimed at China after the Meiji Period, this paper analyzed her educational attitude and Japaneseteaching methodology reflected in her teaching activities. Then a rough idea about the background ofher educational activities and her teaching methods will hopefully be presented to the readers. TheJapanese education expansion strategy made by the Toadobunkai reflects the Japanese Government’sintention:to expand their political and economic forces by the aid of educational expansion, especiallylanguage education. And kawaharamisako’s Japanese teaching activity was just one of them. Thereforeher self has carried the features of a supporter and implementer of this policy.

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