Departmental Bulletin Paper 内蒙古におけるモンゴル語ネイティブの外国語専攻大学生に対する学習実態の考察
The investigation of learning of the students in the foreign language majors who are taught in Mongolian in Inner Mongolian area

包, 阿栄

It is the inescapable responsibilities of the universities in Inner Mongolia to improve the MongolianNationality’s foreign language quality and cultivate international talents of ethnic minorities. But in theuniversities in Inner Mongolia, there are still some problems that can lead to the current situations.Such as the students who are taught in Mongolian are educated as the students in the major foreignlanguage so late that their achievements fall behind the students who are taught in Chinese. In thethesis, the survey is based on the students and the teachers who are in the major foreign language infour universities, such as Inner Mongolia University, Inner Mongolia Normal University, Inner MongoliaNationality University and Hohhot Institute for Nationalities. In order to find out the obstacle whichobstructs the students’ foreign language learning in their teaching. Some methods that can solve theseproblems are provided.

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