Departmental Bulletin Paper 九州共立大学における100円朝食キャンペーンはどのように利用されているか −2014年度の利用実態分析−
Whether "100yen breakfast campaign" has been used how in Kyushu Kyoritsu University - An analysis of actual usage of 2014 -

原口, 誠  ,  池本, 友洋

The purpose of this paper is to analyze "100 yen breakfast campaign 2014". Kyushu KyoritsuUniversity began "100 yen breakfast" at 2012. First year and next year , student get coupon and pay 100yen with coupon. This way is very difficult for university affairs. So, new payment method has beenintroduced. To identify the person by scanning the bar code of student ID card at the time of payment,it is intended to data reduction. By the data of the usage date and time and the user, it has becomepossible to analyze the relationship between the use of "100 yen breakfast" and attendance and grades.

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