Departmental Bulletin Paper スカイプを用いた英語個別指導の学習効果と学生の反応
A Study of the Effectiveness of One-to-one English Lessons via Skype and Students' Responses to Them

永松, 美保

Nowadays, thanks to the development of electronic communication systems, we can not only talkwith others who are in faraway locations but also see their faces while we talk. Skype is one suchsystem. Some companies have begun to run English conversation schools through the Internet, usingSkype. Instructors at these schools usually teach students one-to-one for an agreed period at a cheapertuition rate than at offline English schools, and students can take lessons wherever they are so long asthey have an Internet-connected PC or a smartphone. Due to these advantages, studying English viaSkype has gradually become more widely accepted at tertiary educational institutions. The author thinksthat this teaching method effectively accustoms students to English pronunciation and improves theirspoken English ability, while also enhancing their motivation to study. In 2014, she adopted it in herEnglish communication classes at Kyushu Kyoritsu University. In this paper, she reports how successful ithas been in improving students' motivation to study English and how they have reacted to it.

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