Departmental Bulletin Paper 現代高齢社会と戦後の小説 —安岡章太郎「海辺の光景」
Contemporary aging society and a postwar novel —Shotaro,Yasuoka. "Kaihen no Kokei."

高橋, 啓太

The purpose of this paper is to read "Kaihen no Kokei.", the story written by Shotaro Yasuoka, asa text for consideration about contemporary aging society. The novel that has depicted emotion of ayouth who lost his mother has been highly evaluated in a history of japanese postwar literature, butdiscrimination against patients with dementia or mental hospital have been depicted in this novel. Toread this novel would be helpful in knowing a history on the elderly issues, and we can find out theimportance of reading Japanese postwar literary works on liberal arts education at university.

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