Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学が「COC」(地域コミュニティの中核)となる活動推進プログラム 開発に関する研究 ~「学生消防隊」の結成と「地域防災講座」の開発~
On the Development of a Program to Put the University as the Centre of the Community : Organization of the “Students’Fire Brigade”and the “Prevention of Disaster’Lectures”

古市, 勝也  ,  ブストス, ナサリオ  ,  山下, 陽平

Now it is the time for the Universities to become the center for the development of communities.Kyushu Kyoritsu University, has been trying to convert itself into the Center of the Community (COC)through the development of two programs. The first is the formation of a “Students’Fire Brigade”with the students of the Department of Physical Education who are eager to become publicservants(fireman or police officer) and those who are willing to form part of the “Prevention of DisastersGroup”at the time of occurrence of any emergency. The second is the organization of lectures targetingthe members of the community at large.

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