Departmental Bulletin Paper 野球投手の身体における深層筋と浅層筋の形態的特性
The Morphological Characteristics of the Deep and Surface Layer Muscles in Limbs and Trunk of Baseball Pitchers.

長谷川, 伸  ,  船津, 京太郎

The purpose of this study was to investigate the differences in the muscle thickness and the deeplayer muscle ratio between the pitching side and non-pitching side in baseball pitchers. Subjects were 15college baseball pitcher(baseball pitchers group)and 15 college male students who don’t participatein the overhead type sports(contral group).Muscle thickness of the 4 sites (the anterior upper arm,the lateral abdomen, the anterior thigh, and the posterior lower leg) was measured by using the B-modeultrasonic equipment with a 7.5MHz transducer.In baseball pitchers group, the muscle thicknesses of lateral abdomen and anterior thigh in nonpitchingside showed a significantly higher values than those of pitching side(p<0.01).In addition,the muscle thickness of the internal oblique muscle and vastus intermedius in non-pitching side showeda significantly higher value than those of pitching side(p<0.01).In control group, the difference inmuscle thickness between the dominant side and the non-dominant side was not observed. The ratio ofthe deep layer muscle thickness to total muscle thickness was calculated as the deep layer muscle ratio.In baseball pitchers group, the non-pitching side (step leg side) showed a significantly higher values ofthe deep layer muscle ratio in anterior thigh than those of the pitching side. This study suggested thatthe morphological changes in the deep layer muscles caused by long-term continuous pitching.

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