Departmental Bulletin Paper 九州共立大学リコンディショニングルームにおける学生トレーナー教育と 学生アスリートサポートの充実化に向けた医療機関との連携方法の検討
Examination of the cooperation method with the medical institution to enhance student trainer education and the student athlete support in Kyushu Kyoritsu University Reconditioning Room

粟谷, 健礼  ,  篠原, 純司  ,  辰見, 康剛  ,  中村, 奈菜

The Recondition Room (RCR) at Kyushu Kyoritsu University functions to provide athletic trainingservices including injury evaluation and treatments. Another important function of the RCR is to provideathletic rehabilitation service. The purpose of this study was to examine the characteristics of injuriesthat were rehabilitated at the RCR. This study also examined the communication methods among athletictrainers at the RCR, the injured athletes and their medical doctors. The record of the 186 injured athleteswho visited the RCR for their athletic rehabilitation was examined from 2012 to 2015 academic years.As the result, the ratio to see a medical doctor was significantly lower in chronic injuries compare to theacute injuries. The most common way to refer the injured athletes to see a doctor was oral instructionby the athletic trainer. Oral communication was also the most common case when injured athletes cameto the postoperative rehabilitation at the RCR. In order to provide ordinal care to the injured athletes,developing better communication systems were necessary especially between the athletic trainers andmedical doctors.

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