Departmental Bulletin Paper 教科書購買と単位取得数との関係
Purchase of Textbook and the Number of Credit Earing

水戸, 康夫  ,  八島, 雄士  ,  進本, 眞文  ,  権, 純珍

The purpose of this paper is to clarify the correlation among the number of credit earning,attendance, and purchase of textbook. We set up the hypothesis that attendance for lectures or purchaseof textbook reflect time discount rate and tested weather there is correlation between those factorsand the number of students’ credit earning, or not. As the result of our test, there were no significantdifferences about attendance for lectures or purchase of textbook between subjects, whose creditearning is above the average, those, whose it is below the average. Moreover, we found that the markingstandards of some lectures are not adequate by a careful examination of experience.

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