Departmental Bulletin Paper 九州共立大学「ビオトープ自由ヶ丘」の環境特性と 絶滅危惧野生生物の保護
Protection of the endangered species of Kyushu Kyoritsu University "Biotope Jiyuugaoka"

成富, 勝  ,  千々和, 九州男

Precious species are suddenly disappearing around an urban area, and importance of maintenanceand the reconstruction of the growth environment increases now. We created the biotope of the naturalcrowd expectation type that we left to a transition process of nature for the purpose of creation of thebiological diversity space in study in Kyushu Kyoritsu University from 2004. By the main subject, wediscuss it about "Biotope Jiyuugaoka" of this university and the habits of endangered species(Ranajaponica) inhabiting there and the protection.

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