Departmental Bulletin Paper 組織双面性としてのダイナミック・ケイパビリティの構想
Designing the Conceptual Framework of Dynamic Capability from the Viewpoint of Organizational Ambidexterity Perspective

石坂, 庸祐

In this paper, we try to design the conceptual framework of dynamic capability from the viewpointof organizational ambidexterity perspective. The concept of Dynamic capability(DC) refers to thecapacity of an organization to purposefully create, extend or modify its resource base in resoponseto (radical) environmental chanege. Organizational ambidexterity(OA) refers to the ability of anorganization to both explore and exploit, but especially much of the ambidexterity literature seeks toidentify ways to help firms enhance their capacity for exploration without sacrificing their exploitationabilities. We show that the protection and enhancement of exploration for the central issue of OA isan inportant function of management-level DC. Then, we point out that a strategy of the probabilitymaximization to raise frequency and precision of exploration is effective to perform this function.In addition, we suggest that the implementation of internal and external environmental monitoring(environmental surveillance and capability monitaring) plays an inportant role as a means to increasethe probability of successful exploration, and improvement of its skills greatly enhance the effectivenessof DC. We show the strategic transformation of FUJIFILM Holdings Co. as a successful example of thistype of DC. Finally,we state some implication for future research.

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