Departmental Bulletin Paper バレーボールの攻撃行動における攻撃結果に影響する要因 −九州大学バレーボールリーグ女子選手を対象として−
The influential factors of offensive actions on the attacking result during volleyball matches among Kyushu Intercollegiate female Volleyball players

宮田, 睦美  ,  八板, 昭仁  ,  青柳, 領  ,  北田, 豊治

The purpose of this present study was to investigate the relationships between rationales for theresult of attacks and success of attacks during attacks involve a receive, a toss and a attacks.We covered six games of top four teams in Division I of The Kyushu Intercollegiate Women’sVolleyball League Matches. As an analysis method, this study used the results of attacks as objectivevariables and ten items, 1) receive position, 2) receive quality, 3) toss position, 4) toss quality,5) toss type, 6) combination, 7) attack position, 8) attack type, 9) judgment of opponent’s block,and 10) attack strength, as explanatory variables to calculate multiple correlation coefficients, partialcorrelation coefficients, and a category weight for each item using Mathematical Quantification TheoryType I.Main factors for the success of attacks were 9) the judgment of opponent’s blocks and 4) tossquality. As for 9) the judgment of opponent’s block, block pattern-6 (one player cannot performblock) and block pattern-4(two players jump for a block an incomplete condition)had large positiveinfluences on success of attacks. The toss quality had a significant impact on success in the order oftoss-A (assisting a strong attack to all courses on the court or possibly assisting for feinting), toss-B(assisting a strong attack to the limited courses on the court or possible assisting for feinting), andtoss-C (an assisted toss that is only able to return the ball to the other court), which showed that the accuracy of the toss had a significant impact on the result of the attack.

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