Departmental Bulletin Paper 臨地実習における地域診断のプロセスを通して保健師学生が得た学び
Students' Learning Outcomes from Community Health Nursing Diagnosis in Public Health Nursing Practice
Students' Learning Outcomes from Community Health Nursing Diagnosis in Public Health Nursing Practice

金屋, 佑子  ,  藤井, 広美  ,  杉崎, 紀子

One of the purposes of this study is to clarify learning outcomes which undergraduate students gained from community health nursing diagnosis in public health nursing practice. The other purpose is to derive much better educational methods for public health nursing practice. As a result of qualitative analysis of 31 reports of practice by fourth-grade students, it was shown that the students could almost attain learnings along the process of community health nursing diagnosis. In addition to understanding methodology regarding community health nursing diagnosis, they had benefitted from being involved in dynamic and ongoing process. They also learned much of the role of a public health nurse as a partner to support every person, each family, and the whole community. Moreover, students could find not only professional perspective as a public health nurse but also the same perspective as an ordinary person living in a community. However, it was not sufficient to learn about the priority decision making in health problems, or how to evaluate public health support. Only a few comments were found about importance of the use of social resources. As conclusion, it is necessary to implement more effective educational methods by which students can deepen understanding using every chance, including lecture, exercise, and both before and after the practice.

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