Departmental Bulletin Paper 看護学生における就職活動の傾向 -将来の希望別の就職先決定基準-
Tendencies of Nursing Students in Finding Work
Tendencies of Nursing Students in Finding Work

本多, 和子  ,  鈴木, 恵

This study aimed to clarify the nursing students’ standards for choosing the place of employment according to the future course they desired. Questionnaires were distributed to the nursing students who were about to graduate. The authors sought the correlation coefficient in the priority order of the standards the students emphasized when they chose the place of employment according to the future courses they desired. According to the results, there was the correlation that the students who hoped to be a certified nurse, certified nurse specialist or the like in the future listed as the standard items for choosing the place of employment, countermeasures against workplace violence, counseling and support system, and work-life balance. On the other hand, the students who hoped to get a post of management, such as a chief nurse or the like, listed the standard items such as trial period, countermeasures against workplace violence, benefits and the like, counseling and support system, work-life balance, and in-hospital education system. The survey results suggested that the nursing students tended to choose the place of employment in light of what they wanted to do in the future. However, since the present circumstances were not at all satisfactory, it is necessary to improve the education system to support career development for nursing students.Keywords:nursing student,job-hunting, job-hunting support system

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