Departmental Bulletin Paper 骨のリモデリングに着目した小児の橈骨遠位端骨折
Fracture of the Distal Radius of the Children Where Attention was Paid to the Remodeling of Bones
Fracture of the Distal Radius of the Children Where Attention was Paid to the Remodeling of Bones

田村, 哲也  ,  小菅, 亨  ,  荻野, 英紀

Bones of a child have a high potential to remodel themselves when they are broken. So we can expect remodeling of fractured bones in their healing processes even in the cases of some displaced fracture. In addition, child bone fractures are sometimes incomplete. Therefore, we often choose conservative treatment for cases of children’s bone fractures. Above all, the fracture of the distal radius is one of the more frequent fractures clinical and remodeling is excellent in fact.In the fracture of the distal radius of the children who consulted a clinic, we introduce the case that paid its attention to the remodeling of bones. We also examine the conservative treatment with regards to the remodeling towards a prevention of future childhood fracture.The results confirmed remodeling worked well in all cases. There was the difference in a healing process, but the flexural derangement was completely corrected. With this results, we were able to prove high autologous correction ability of the bones of children. Generally, prognosis of child bone fracture is good. However, it is necessary to treat them carefully, being aware of the limit of remodeling potency and keeping a close watch of growth disturbance to the end.

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