Departmental Bulletin Paper 呼吸筋力測定の絶対信頼性
Reliability of Respiratory Muscle Strength Tests
Reliability of Respiratory Muscle Strength Tests

平野, 正広  ,  加藤, 宗規

The purpose of this study was to reveal the absolute reliability of respiratory muscle strength tests in order to examine the adapted value and determine the appropriate repetition for measurements. Subjects were 50 healthy young adult. Respiratory muscle strength was the maximum mouth pressure obtained by the mouth pressure method without changes of flow. Target positions used to measure lung volume were functional residual capacity (FRC), residual volume (RV) and total lung capacity (TLC). Measurements of the following four differing measurements were performed three times; a) static maximum inspiratory pressure (MIPS) efforts at FRC, b) MIPS efforts at RV, c) static maximum expiratory pressure (MEPS) efforts at FRC, d) MEPS efforts at TLC. Reliability was verified using Bland–Altman analysis. No systematic bias was observed between the first and second measurement values. A systematic bias between the maximum values obtained in the first and second measurements and the third measurement value was observed. Therefore, single measurement of respiratory muscle strength is reliable. However, it was suggested that, considering there might be a bias in measurement, measurement values should be used the maximum value by two trials.

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