Departmental Bulletin Paper 高校生の歯と口の健康と自己管理スキルとの関連
Relationship Between High School Students' Dental and Oral Health and Their Self-Management Skills
Relationship Between High School Students' Dental and Oral Health and Their Self-Management Skills

佐久間, 浩美

The present study aimed to clarify the relationship between the factors relating to high school students’ dental and oral health and their self-management skills. The study comprised a total of 281 first-year students (147 males and 134 females) in a high school. A self-completed questionnaire was administered to the subjects in May 2012. The questionnaire inquired about the subjects’ lifestyles, dietary habits, self-diagnosis of periodontal health, skills in brushing teeth, their state of consultation with a dentist, knowledge regarding the mouth and teeth, self-esteem, brushing habits, and self-management skills. In addition, using the PMA Index, the dentist in charge of the investigated school evaluated the gum condition of 59 students who had been diagnosed as having gingivitis for observation (GO) in a periodic health checkup. Analyses were performed of students with (n=59) and without (n=177) gingivitis separately. As a result, the presence of gingivitis was correlated with poor brushing habits, unfavorable self-diagnoses of gums, and infrequent consultations with a dentist. No correlation was found between self-management skills and gingivitis. The negative correlation between brushing habits and gingivitis suggests that, compared with general cognitive skills, behavior-specific individual skills play a more important role in preventing gingivitis.

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