Departmental Bulletin Paper 下肢神経障害2症例に対するストレスフリー療法の効果
Effect of Stress-Free Therapy on Lower Legs Neuropathy : Two Case Reports
Effect of Stress-Free Therapy on Lower Legs Neuropathy : Two Case Reports

林, 泰京  ,  了德寺, 健二  ,  石丸, 圭荘  ,  中島, 琢磨

 我々はストレスフリー療法の効果は先行研究(previous studies)に於いて,1)深部体温上昇,血流量増加,血圧安定 2)ストレスマーカー(ACTH・コルチゾール)の低減 3)Ⅱ型糖尿病患者血糖値・インスリン抵抗性改善に加え頭部血流を有意に増加させ,代謝循環器系疾患の予防に繋がる可能性が示唆されている. これらの効果を受けて血流改善による神経機能に及ぼす影響について,2点識別覚,筋力測定,圧痛閾値を指標に下肢神経障害2症例への本療法の効果を検討した. また,同時に大学生:10名(平均年齢19.5±1.2歳) を健常群としてプラセボ効果の有無についても調査した.その結果,下肢神経障害2症例にストレスフリー療法を行った後に2例共に2点識別測定値が減少し,圧痛閾値も減少した.一方,プラセボ効果については健常群に有意な結果は得られなかった.このことからストレスフリー療法は血流改善による神経機能回復に好影響を与える可能性が示唆された.
The following effects of the stress-free therapy reported:1) Deep body-part temperature rise, bloodstream increase, blood pressure stability2) Reduction in the stress markers(ACTH, cortisol)3) In the previous study it had been found that this therapy significantly improved blood glucose andinsulin resistance in patients with type 2 diabetes. The results suggested that Stress-free Therapy®significantly increase cerebral blood flow, possibly leading to the prevention of metabolic cardiovasculardisease. In order to examine influences on neurological functions by the bloodstream improvement which wasbrought by the effects shown above, we investigated the effect of this therapy on two neuropathy cases oflower limbs by examining indexes of 2 point discrimination, muscular strength measurement, and pain onpressure threshold. At the same time, we investigated ten university students having a placebo effect or not(average age19.5±1.2 years old)as a normal group. As a result, in the two cases of lower limb neuropathy, both two points of identification measurements and the pain on pressure threshold decreased after the therapy. On theother hand, a meaningful result was not gained as a placebo effect in the normal group. The resultssuggested, the possibility of the Stress-free Therapy® giving positive effects for neurological functionrecovery by improving the bloodstream.

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