Journal Article Central venous blood gas and acid-base status in conscious dogs and cats

TAMURA, Jun  ,  ITAMI, Takaharu  ,  ISHIZUKA, Tomohito  ,  FUKUI, Sho  ,  MIYOSHI, Kenjiro  ,  SANO, Tadashi  ,  YAMASHITA, Kazuto

77 ( 7 )  , pp.865 - 869 , 2015-07 , 日本獣医学会
To determine the reference level of central venous oxygen saturation (ScvO_2) and clinical efficacy of central venous blood gas analysis, partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide, pH, oxygen saturation, base excess (B.E.) and HCO_3 concentration were compared between simultaneously obtained central venous and arterial blood samples from conscious healthy 6 dogs and 5 cats. Comparisons between arteriovenous samples were performed by a paired t-test and Bland-Altman analysis. Between arteriovenous samples, B.E. showed good agreement, but there were significant differences in other parameters in the dogs, and no good agreement was detected in cats. The ScvO2 in dogs and cats were 82.3 ± 3.5 and 62.4 ± 13.5%, respectively. Central venous blood gas analysis is indispensable, especially in cats.

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