Journal Article Identification and preservation of the parathyroid gland during total thyroidectomy in dogs with bilateral thyroid carcinoma: a report of six cases

FUKUI, Sho  ,  ENDO, Yoshifumi  ,  HIRAYAMA, Kazuko  ,  TANIYAMA, Hiroyuki  ,  KADOSAWA, Tsuyoshi

77 ( 6 )  , pp.747 - 751 , 2015-06 , 日本獣医学会
Simultaneous removal of bilateral thyroid tumors was performed while preserving the parathyroid gland in six dogs. At least one external parathyroid gland was identified in all dogs. In five cases, the external parathyroid gland and its blood supply were preserved intact. In one dog, the vessels supplying the external parathyroid gland had been invaded by the tumor, and the gland was thus removed and reimplanted into the sternohyoid muscle. That dog required postoperative treatment with oral calcium gluconate and vitamin D3. Local tumor recurrence was not observed in any of the cases. The mean survival time was 920 days. We found that the external parathyroid gland could be identified and preserved in most dogs undergoing total thyroidectomy.

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