Journal Article 青森県下北半島に生息するニホンザルの寄生蠕虫保有状況

渡辺, 洋子  ,  三觜, 慶  ,  石井, 奈穂美  ,  名切, 幸枝  ,  羽山, 伸一  ,  中西, せつ子  ,  近江, 俊徳  ,  岡本, 宗裕  ,  浅川, 満彦

A helminthological survey on the Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata) in the Shimokita Peninsula, Aomori Prefecture, Japan, was performed. Among 100 macaque individuals, 3 hehninth species, namely, Ogmocotyle ailuri, Strongyloides fuelleborni and Trichuris sp., were obtained. Especially, S. fuelleborni and T. sp. are common species in the macaque individuals examined, but they could be regarded as agents of zoonotic helminthiasis, the occurrence should be cautious. Although Streptopharagus pigmentatus and Oesophagostomum aculeatum are common nematodes in the macaques, both species were not obtained from the present individuals. And, the relationships between the occurrence/incidence of the parasitic helminths and host age were not statistically significant

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