Others Land Utilization System in Burkina Faso: A Case Study in Ziniaré

箱山, 富美子

1 ( 1 )  , pp.45 - 50 , 2017-11 , Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
In Burkina Faso, the rights to land utilization and distribution have been generally defined by the traditional “first occupant” rule. New comers have been given rights to land utilization from the first occupant. But this rule is now changing because of many factors which are recently emerging such as administrative, legal and economic system changes, land nationalization, population growth, desertification and diminishing pasture land, urbanization, modernization, globalization, social structural changes, mentality changes, commercialization, and so on. Many small farmers are obliged to cope with this new situation. This study is composed of three parts: first we briefly overview traditional rules in Burkina Faso regarding land utilization; then recent situations are described in two ways: legal changes, and observations and perceptions expressed by our interviewees; and finally we present one of our case studies conducted in a Mossi village in the province of Plateau Central as an example of changes occurred in production and consumption systems at a large household: a way how a polygamy family shifted from a “collective” to an “individual” system?


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