Others カムチベット語塔公[Lhagang]方言による翻案物語『裸麦の種子の由来』—訳注と語りの特徴—

鈴木, 博之  ,  四郎翁姆

This article presents a story named Origin of highland barley’s seeds narrated in the Lhagang dialect of Minyag Rabgang Khams Tibetan with linguistic glossing, translation, and annotation. This story is not transmitted in the speech community of Lhagang Tibetan, but well known as one of the Tibetan traditional oral stories in Chinese, circulated as a part of books as well as online articles. The present version is artificially composed: after memorising several Chinese versions, the second author, native speaker of Lhagang Tibetan, narrated without referring to the Chinese text. Therefore, it is of an experimental nature as a linguistic material and we will examine how the narrative style has been influenced by the translation process other than a general analysis of a narrative.The analysis shows that:● this narrative version lacks a hearsay marker, probably because it is not orally transmitted;● aorist is a default TAM marker in the narrative; and,● irregular use of the ergative marker is attested.


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