Departmental Bulletin Paper Self-leadership and career success of R&D workers:Mediation of knowledge sharing and exploration

Yang-Joong YUN  ,  Kyoung-Joo LEE  ,  尹 諒重  ,  ユン ヤンジュン

11pp.1 - 9 , 2017-10-31 , 福岡工業大学環境科学研究所 , Fukuoka Institute of Technology Environmental Science Institute
Given significant role of R&D workers in technological innovations and organizational performance, understanding their career success helps R&D organizations develop effective career development programs and facilitate individual innovators to formulate effective career strategies. Adding to literature on personal attributes and ability to achieve successful career, this research proposes a research model which focuses on self-leadership and its effect on subjective career success of R&D workers. Furthermore, to understand the mediatory path of how self-leadership influences career satisfaction, this study proposes to analyze organizational behaviors of knowledge sharing and exploration. The research results of this study will provide significant implications for human resource management and individual strategies for career development for R&D personnel.

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