Departmental Bulletin Paper NPD 製マイクロボールエンドミルに対するレーザ/プラズマ複合加工技術
NPDセイ マイクロボール エンドミル ニ タイスル レーザ / プラズマ フクゴウ カコウ ギジュツ
Laser Assisted Plasma Etching Technique for Micro Ball-Endmill Made of Nano-Polycrystalline Diamond

天本 祥文  ,  仙波 卓弥  ,  アマモト ヨシフミ  ,  センバ タクヤ  ,  Amamoto Yoshifumi  ,  Semba Takuya

34pp.31 - 34 , 2017-10-31 , 福岡工業大学エレクトロニクス研究所 , Fukuoka Institute of Technology Electronics Research Laboratory
A research project was conducted to develop a laser scanning machining techniques that enables to form the Nano-Polycrystalline Diamond (NPD) radius cutting tool in high-speed with a shape accuracy and a radius of round edge are less than 1 μm. Micro ball-endmill with a frank face of free formed shape and combined shape made up of conical face and hemispherical face was fabricated conducting laser machining to the NPD. Also, it has been clarified that by performing dry etching to the NPD micro ball-endmill, the radius of the cutting edge can be formed to less than 1 nm.

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