Departmental Bulletin Paper 半無限系表面グリーン関数の高精度計算
ハンムゲンケイ ヒョウメン グリーンカンスウ ノ コウセイド ケイサン
Accurate Computation of Surface Green’s Functions for Semi-infinite Systems

宮田 考史  ,  ミヤタ タカフミ  ,  Miyata Takafumi

28pp.37 - 40 , 2017-10-31 , 福岡工業大学情報科学研究所 , Fukuoka Institute of Technology Institute of Information Science
We consider computing surface Green’s functions for semi-infinite systems. In particular, we target the functions on multilayeredperiodic structures, which play an important role in the design of nano-scale electronic devices and in solid-state physics. To computethe functions, one has to solve the eigenvalue problem of particular matrices. This problem is small-scale but difficult to solve due tonumerical errors. Starting from the observation that perturbations added into the matrices cause inaccurate computation, we consideran approach to addressing the numerical issue.
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