Departmental Bulletin Paper Proposal and analysis of stochastic variants of Quantum Tic-tac-toe

作田 誠  ,  サクタ マコト  ,  冨岡 佑成  ,  トミオカ ユウセイ  ,  Makoto Sakuta  ,  Yusei Tomioka

50 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 7 , 2017-09 , 福岡工業大学 , Fukuoka Institute of Technology
The stochastic variants of Quantum Tic-tac-toe are proposed as more quantum-mechanical metaphor, and thetheoretical outcomes as expected values are computed with a stochastic modification of the alpha-beta search. Theoutcomes vary from complete win to draw with increasing the advantageous probability for the second player. Inaddition, new zero-sum scoring with a positive score for the second player in a drawn game is introduced andanalyzed. The results show the outcome becomes zero when the advantageous probability is around 0.75,which isconsidered as the evenly-matched interesting settings. Finally, the availability of playing system of the variants isshown.

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