Departmental Bulletin Paper 情報セキュリティ上の瑕疵による個人情報等の漏洩と個人情報保護法 : 東京地裁平成26年1月23日判決の検討
ジョウホウ セキュリティ ジョウ ノ カシ ニヨル コジン ジョウホウトウ ノ ロウエイ ト コジジョウホウ ホゴホウ : トウキョウ チサイ ヘイセイ 26ネン 1ガツ 23ニチ ハンケツ ノ ケントウ
Case Study;Leakage of Personal Information as a Result of Defects on Information : A Case of Tokyo District Court dated January 23,2014

千手 崇史  ,  センズ タカシ  ,  Senzu Takashi

49 ( 2 )  , pp.69 - 86 , 2017-02 , 福岡工業大学 , Fukuoka Institute of Technology
An interior wholesaler company(X:who ordered the system from Y) claimed system vendor company(Y). Thelegal basis is the default(Article 415,Civil Code). An enormous amount of personal data which X had been holding,leaked on account of illegal computer access by someone. Then, the system designed by Y didn’t equip evenminimum security guard. In this case, the Tokyo District Court partly upheld the claim. In case of informationleakage incidents, companies suffer tremendous cost damage by voluntary apology to all customers. However,without apology, the social enterprise value falls. In this article, the author pointed out the “dilemma”problem.

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