Departmental Bulletin Paper 法令違反に基づく取締役の対第三者責任 - 有名貸金業者の取締役を被告とする訴訟を題材として-
ホウレイイハン ニ モトズク トリシマリヤク ノ タイ ダイサンシャ セキニン -ユウメイ カシキン ギョウシャ ノ トリシマリヤク オ ヒコク ト スル ソショウ オ ダイザイ ト シテ-
Directors’liability to third party in case of violation of laws : A series of cases to defendant directors of famous moneylender

千手, 崇史  ,  センズ, タカシ  ,  Senzu, Takashi

48 ( 1 )  , pp.11 - 24 , 2015-09 , 福岡工業大学 , Fukuoka Institute of Technology
A famous moneylender had been lending money partly in a illegal interest rate. However at that time, provisions of “Payment regarded as interest” (interest“voluntarily” paid by the borrower is valid despite illegal rate)existed. After the moneylender had bankrupted, the borrowers sued the directors of the moneylender according to the Companies Act 429. Most judgements said that defendant directors had continued moneylending contracts to which provisions of “Payment regarded as interest” had not applied, in a illegal rate. However,the judgements denied the directors’liabilities, on the ground that “the directors are not burdened with duty of recalculation”. This article reconsiders appropriateness of the judgements on the basis of famous judgements of the Supreme Court and the common theories of Company Law.

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