Departmental Bulletin Paper マタニティ・ハラスメント防止措置義務化にむけて「指針」を検討する
Reconsider the Guidelines : After It Was Made Obligatory to Take Measures to Prevent Maternity Harassment

杉浦, 浩美  ,  Hiromi, SUGIURA

On January 1, 2017, it will be made obligatory for companies to take measures to prevent maternity harassment at workplace. “The guidelines of the measures which employers must take in relation to the problems caused by the behavior toward pregnancy and childbirth at workplace” were publicly announced on August 2, 2016. In this essay, we consider the contents of the guidelines announced by the government and check what kind of acts are prohibited in the guidelines and what are not. This process shows that the guidelines does not cover some aspects and that the aspect not covered is essential.As a consequence of the public announcement of the guidelines, working pregnant women must have less difficulty to assert “the right to work and give birth healthily” and it must lead to the protection of the right. As to the aspect of the protection of the right, however our current society has a long way to go. The guidelines has to necessarily contain the viewpoint to reconsider working environment and way of working itself. We should discuss how to protect the right to work and give birth, rather than emphasize solely the prohibition of harassment.

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