Departmental Bulletin Paper アーベルトのオペラ《アストルガ》とヨーゼフ・シュトラウスのポプリ
Abert's Opera "Astorga" and Josef Strauss's Potpourri Based on the Same Opera

若宮, 由美  ,  Yumi, WAKAMIYA

The piano socre of a potpourri based on Abert’s opera “Astorga” that was arranged by Josef Strauss was published as No.105 of the series named ‘Anthologie Musicale’ by the Viennese publisher C.A. Spina. The original German opera “Astorga” by J.J. Abert was premiered in Stuttgart on May 27, 1866, and was performed in Vienna on July 30, 1870. This opera was praised in Germany, but wasn't accepted in Vienna. Although Josef Strauss with the Strauss-Orchestre performed fragments from “Astorga” on June 18 and 21, 1867 in Viennese Volksgarten, there is no evidence that Josef’s potpourri based on “Astorga” was played. The potpourri was constructed by motifs of six numbers in the first and second acts of the opera, and the motifs from third act were not citied. It is unclear why did Josef Strauss arrange this potpourri, and the publication process of this potpourri was very peculiar in the series of ‘Anthologie Musicale’ which handled popular and famous works.

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