Departmental Bulletin Paper A Dynamic Approach to Placement and Removal Verbs in English

現影, 秀昭  ,  Gen'ey, HIDEAKI

One of the aims of this paper is to provide a compositional account for verbal lexical decomposition of English removal and placement verbs. It is also hoped that this paper contributes to show the necessity of the “dynamic” perspective. I argue from Distributed Morphological perspective that to be a verb is to combine a functional verbal element, which might be called ‘little’ vtake (or vremoval), with a root in the complement of that v. Inspired by Levinson (2007, 2014) and from the perspective closest to Kajita’s (1977, 2004) dynamic theory of syntax, I propose that there is an inventory of ‘little’ v heads from basic to derived and that root removal and putting verbs involve ‘little’ vtake and vput of removing/ taking and putting events which emerge in the early stage of language acquisition.

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