Departmental Bulletin Paper 聞き書き「山梨県上野原市西原の一宮神社における農村歌舞伎」

本村, あずみ  ,  森, 貴久

 Saihara, which is located in north-western area of Uenohara in Yamanashi Prefecture, is a depopulated area. A traditional Kabuki play had been performed at Ichinomiya Shrine in Saihara for the autumn festival since at latest 1860s until 2001,and ceased to be performed since then. Interviews with 29 people living in Saihara held in 2009-2010 enabled us to collect information on the traditional Kabuki play. What is clarified in this article is as follows: (1) there were 3 types of play: a traditional Kabuki play performed by Saihara people, plays performed by a professional theatre company, and semi-traditional Shimpa plays; (2) during Meiji and Taisho period, most plays were traditional Kabuki plays performed by Saihara people,performance by theatre companies had become popular later, and the traditional kabuki play by Saihara people became popular again after 1980s; and (3) performance of plays for the shrine festival had become a hard task due to a change of life style in Saihara, which seemed to be the most serious cause for the interruption of this traditional local play.

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