Departmental Bulletin Paper マリー・ホール・エッツの絵本における戦争の影について

神戸, 洋子

Though picture books of Etz( 1895-1985) have been considered warm and tender, they contain senses of anxieties and grief.Etz's anxieties and grief are related to wars.A boy and animals in In the Forest( 1944) are marching like an army, and he andhis father vanish into the forest as if they are gone. The hollow tree has an ear to spy them. A seal in Oley , the Sea monster( 1947) is like a conscript boy, being totally at aloss in an alienated place. The car in Little Old Automobile( 1948) may be a fugitive soldier. He goes his own way and getsforfeited of girl and barbed-wire fences. Those grief against wars can be related to Etz’ loss experience of her first husbandduring the war.

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