Departmental Bulletin Paper The influence that the small angle tilt exercise in the sitting position gives to the Local muscle activation

MIYASHITA, Satoshi  ,  HASHIGUCHI, Takeo  ,  OGAWA, Haro  ,  KATO, Hideki  ,  MIYASHITA, Tomoya  ,  SUZUKI, Masanori  ,  MANABE, Katsuhiro  ,  IWANUMA, Soichiro

近年、スポーツ分野をはじめ医療・介護現場で、体幹トレーニング(コアトレーニング)はパフォーマンスの向上のため盛んに行われている。本研究では四肢の運動に先だって収縮する腹横筋に着目し、従来観察できなかった低負荷運動時における効果的なLocal muscle の収縮を得ることを目的とした。対象者は健常男子22 名。平均年齢16.2 ± 0.7 歳であった。運動課題は、安静椅座位、10cm 前方傾斜、最大前方傾斜の3 つとした。それぞれの課題時、超音波エコーにて外腹斜筋、内腹斜筋、腹横筋厚を測定し、3 筋の合計筋厚を100%とし、各筋の筋厚比率を求めた。その結果、測定した3 筋の要因において有意な主効果が認められたが(F(2,42)= 520.37, p<0.01)、軸側、利き側の要因においては主効果が認められなかった。また運動課題と3 筋厚比較において有意な交互作用が認められた(F(4,84)=5.43, p<0.01)。特にLocal muscle である腹横筋の筋厚比率は静止座位および最大前方傾斜に比べ、10cm 前方傾斜において有意に高かった(静止座位<10cm 前方傾斜(p<0.05)、10cm 前方傾斜> 最大前方傾斜(p<0.05))。以上のことから、体幹トレーニングでLocal muscle を活性化させるには、従来の高負荷運動ではなく、低負荷運動によって選択的に腹横筋を活性化させることが示された。このことはスポーツ選手に限らず、運動範囲が減少する高齢者においても応用可能であることが期待できる。In recent years, core training has become a very popular method to improve performance among athletes and has alsocontributed to people within different clinical settings throughout our health care system. In this research, we focus on thetransverse abdominis contraction that is the prior muscle to upper and lower extremities exercises. The aim was to alsoobtain effective local muscle contraction during lower resistance exercises, which could not be conventionally observed. Thesubjects are 22 healthy males who are an average of 16.2 ± 0.7 years in age. Exercises consist of three types of postures; restsitting position, 10cm front tilt position, and maximum front tilt position. Each muscle (external oblique, internal oblique andtransverse abdominis) thickness ratio was measured by ultrasound during each exercise. The total muscle thickness of thethree muscles are used as 100% , and used to determine the muscle thickness ratio of each muscle. The results were verysuccessful (F (2.42)=520.37, p<0.01).However, a significant effect was observed in the 3 muscles measured (F (2,42) =520.37, p <0.01) but significant effect of the dominant side or was not observed. In addition, significant interaction in motortasks and the three muscles was observed (F (4,84) = 5.43, p <0.01).The most significant result was the muscle thicknessratio of the transverse abdominis, which is also known as the local muscle. When comparing sitting in rest position or sittingwith maximum forward tilt with sitting with 10cm front tilt, sitting with 10cm front tilt showed higher significance (restsitting < 10cm front tilt( p<0.05), 10cm front tilt > maximum front tilt( p<0.05)).As shown above, in order to activate theLocal muscle in core trainings, rather than doing the conventional high resistance exercise, selectively activating the transverseabdominis with low resistance exercise is more effective. It would be possible to modify the activity so that the exercise can beapplied not only to athletes but also to elderly patients.

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