Departmental Bulletin Paper 梅雨の風物詩「カタツムリがアジサイに付いている」は本当か?陸産貝類による植物選択頻度と植物被度との比較

桜井, 雄太  ,  森, 貴久

We investigated whether Japanese land snails like hydrangea in rain season, which is a typical image for Japanese. Wesurveyed five sites in Uenohara, Yamanashi, central Japan, to collect land snails and record vegetation between May andJuly, 2006. We found more than 400 snails of eight species, most of which were Euhadra peliomphala and Acusta despectasieboldiana. E. pelimphala were found on leaves of hydrangea more frequently than expected from vegetation at the sites,whereas A. despecta sieboldiana were frequently found on other leaves of plants than hydrangea, cherry and Poaceae grass.We also tested whether E. pelimphala prefer hydrangea leaves to cherry or Poacea leaves by experiments in a laboratory, andfound no preference of hydrangea to other species. These findings suggest that the image of land snails on hydrangea duringrain season is a biologically correct image at least for E. pelimphala , but the snail is not necessary prefer hydrangea leavesmuch better to other plants.

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