Departmental Bulletin Paper 「いじめ」について大学生を対象とした授業実践の検討 : 学級集団を対象とした指導方法に焦点をあてて

樽木, 靖夫  ,  福田, 八重  ,  髙田, 麻美

This paper reviews the results of a series of lesson study on how to cope with "school bullying". We focus on school counselingclasses that addressed the theme of the anti-bullying guidance and analyze what the university students have learnt. Afterproviding information concerning the extent to which people tend to be vulnerable to the conformity, the first author gaveclasses with a focus on the guidance to be given to bystanders who witness bullying with reference to a case study whichthe pupils discussed on paper anonymously. We group 633 comment cards that 142 students wrote by using KJ Method asreference and examine their relations. The primary results are as follows: Firstly, what students learned can be groupedinto 14 knowledge subsets. That is, "effects of discussion on paper", "efforts of teachers and trust in teachers", "newly-gainedknowledge and impressions", "negative dynamics in a group", "positive dynamics in a group", "students' own experiences","doubts about discussion on paper", "learner's attitude about bullying", "effects of anonymity", "learner's attitude about thechild", "guidance to the bystander", "effects of writing", "factors which made the classroom change" and "sense of guilt". Thisshows that the bystanders' actions or inaction significantly impacted by conformity and the case positively reflect the abovementionedsubsets. Secondly, the relations among knowledge subsets follow the models previous studies have shown. Thispaper, by contrast, is distinguished by "learner's attitude about the child" as a premise such that children often initiate bullyingand they are capable of settling conflicts by themselves.

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