Departmental Bulletin Paper 伝統的な言語文化を小学校教育・幼児教育の接続期に :「国語」と「保育内容(言葉)」の接続を中心に

神戸, 洋子

Child and child care support system was established, Kindergartens linked with day nurseries, and, an institution that caresfor and educates children is will perform education and childcare to a child three years or older. These facilities raise the basicscholastic ability, or plan the domain of childcare contents, words and connection of the Japanese philology, The cooperation of a kindergarten and the elementary school is important. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Scienceand Technology expressed performed education and childcare than 3 years old. The ministry set education time of 4 hoursfrom 3 years old. But, It is a problem that the ministry does not express education to an institution 3 years old or younger.

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