Departmental Bulletin Paper 看護師基礎教育の国家試験対策におけるeラーニング学習の効果の中間報告 : 学習理論によるインストラクション構築の段階とeラーニングの動機付けの比較

武政, 奈保子  ,  森實, 詩乃  ,  志田, 久美子  ,  志村, 智恵  ,  石ヶ森, 一枝  ,  高田, 大輔  ,  吉田, 千鶴

A purpose of this study is to improve the scholastic ability of the student by letting the new education method that letthe traditional learning method blend e-learning intervene. This study is an interim report, and the study is not finished.Intervention 1 evaluated an incentive of anteroposterior trial run for an examination and school member results and e-learningthat performed that I gave a problem by an e-mail with showing the DVD of the basic subject. I let I brought a tablet intothe training ground by intervention 2 and learn it and evaluated front and back. As for the result, the incentive for e-learningadvanced. However, I did not influence the result of the trial run for an examination directly, but the relations with the studentwhom results in the study improved were suggested. In addition, it was a student guaranteed the scholastic ability fromentrance to school that I was able to take in significance for e-learning. Because there was not the senior indicating the modelbecause the target school year was the first graduate, it was special that there was less learning technique of the nationalexamination than a school year below.

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