Departmental Bulletin Paper 観察の視点を持たせる視覚教材を用いた授業実践研究 : 小学校3年理科授業を通して

小池, 守  ,  酒井, 明香里  ,  森山, 朝花  ,  石垣, 優子  ,  江田, 慧子  ,  内田, 恭敬  ,  高津戸, 秀

In this study we have developed a new slide-show type visual aid, in which five-photographs of two plants(Veronica persicaand Lamium purpureum )and an anthropod(Armadillidium vulgare )are presented in the order of decreasing magnification.Our new visual aid was used in science class to one experimental group of third graders at a public elementary school. Theconventional photographs taken from a textbook were used to the other control group of the same grades. The results fromquestionnaires against pupils and analysis of protocol in the science class revealed the following four points. 1) Our new visualaid grew pupils wills to learn much more about plants and insects. 2) The sketches of pupils became finer, as such leaf hairsand veins were depicted, after the lecture using our new visual aid. 3) The talks of pupils are scientific in the experimentalgroup, while those are based on their experiences in the control group. 4) Almost all pupils in the experimental group thoughtthat our new visual aid is useful to them, because pupils pointed out our visual aid is easy to understand and our new visualaid is attractive with the first experience in their life. It is thus suggested that our new visual aid is an effective teaching toolfor pupils to learn how to observe plants and insects.

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