Departmental Bulletin Paper 理学療法士教育における共用試験導入の効果についての検討

豊田, 輝  ,  川井, 伸夫  ,  高田, 治実  ,  江口, 英範  ,  菅沼, 一男  ,  芹田, 透

There are still no objective criteria judging whether students are prepared for necessary requirements at the starting pointof practical clinical training, and each school has its own criteria which are not always exchangeable with other school. Inorder to improve these situations, we introduced PT version of CBT(computer based testing)at 2013, which had alreadybeen introduced in medical/dental schools in Japan, to Division of Physical Therapy at Teikyo University of Science. As aresult, while there was no significant correlation between CBT achievement and performance at clinical assessment training.Importantly, there was significant correlation between achievements of CBT and the national examination for PT qualification,suggesting the importance of studying human anatomy and clinical medicine mainly. Altogether, it is suggested that CBT,in particular at the third school year, is useful in predicting precisely whether students are well prepared for the nationalexamination performed at the end of the fourth school year. Also this study suggested that concentrating on learning humananatomy and clinical medicine might be a good solution for PT students who have difficulty in learning at the third school yearin order to be prepared for the national examination.

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