Departmental Bulletin Paper 理学療法教育におけるタブレット型端末による視覚教材を用いたICT(Information and Communication Technology)活用授業の試み

塚田, 絵里子  ,  廣瀬, 昇  ,  跡見, 友章  ,  安齋, 久美子  ,  相原, 正博  ,  田中, 和哉  ,  西條, 富美代  ,  中山, 彰博  ,  佐野, 徳雄  ,  岡部, 琢也  ,  高沖, 英二

For physical therapist, palpation is a significant skill which is a basis of their examinations. In order to improve their palpationskill, the knowledge of anatomy is indispensable. It is hard for students, however, to understand complex human body systems.In recent years, application of ICT in classes is being introduced in the educational field to enhance students’ comprehensionand their motivation.In this study, we developed a software which enables browsing the anatomy on the screen of tablet PCs, and then applied itin the actual foundation classes of a physical therapy course. Questionnaire surveys were conducted before and after this ICTapplication(hereinafter“ first half” and“ second half”).The questionnaire with five-point lickert scale was given to a total of86 first-grade students in the physical therapy course. Its items were categorized into three groups, i.e., 1)satisfaction withthe classes, 2)participation in the classes and 3)self-study attitude.The result of the surveys showed generally higher scores in the second half than the first half on the items of the groups(1)and(2),which indicates the students’ higher attention. Of these, items “teaching materials and resources” and “operationof classes” in the group(1)and “group discussion improved the study effect” and “active engagement in the classes” inthe group(2)showed a remarkable tendency. Finally, it was suggested that the ICT application has a potential to enhancestudents’ attention.In the future, it will be necessary to study students’comprehension and relationship with the scores of relevant subjects forfurther ICT application.

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