Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本語ピア・リーディング授業における学習者の批判的思考の活性化
The Activation of Japanese Learners' Critical Thinking in a Japanese Peer Reading Course

楊, 秀娥  ,  Xiue, YANG

(14)  , pp.323 - 345 , 2018-01 , 国立国語研究所
This paper demonstrates the processes of activating the learners' critical thinking in a Japanese peer reading course using the approach of discourse analysis. In the Japanese peer reading course, the learners have read the text critically by raising both comprehensive questions and querying questions; they have read the text creatively by producing alternative ideas to replace the original ones in the text. Through dialogue with other group members, the learners developed their problem-solving ability by solving the problems, deepening their understanding, and sharing their answers with others. In the process of peer reading, the learners acquired the ability to improve their meta critical thinking, and activate their cognitive skills of interpretation, explanation, inference, evaluation, and analysis. Meanwhile, many cases were confirmed of dialogues that did not lead to problem-solving.

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