Departmental Bulletin Paper 『日本語日常会話コーパス』の構築 : 会話収録法に着目して
Construction of the Corpus of Everyday Japanese Conversation: On the Methodology of Recording Everyday Conversation

田中, 弥生  ,  柏野, 和佳子  ,  角田, ゆかり  ,  伝, 康晴  ,  小磯, 花絵  ,  Yayoi, TANAKA  ,  Wakako, KASHINO  ,  Yukari, SUMIDA  ,  Yasuharu, DEN  ,  Hanae, KOISO

(14)  , pp.275 - 292 , 2018-01 , 国立国語研究所
ISSN:2186-134x print2186-1358 online
In 2016, we launched a new corpus project, “A Multifaceted Study of Spoken Language Using a Large-scale Corpus of Everyday Japanese Conversation,” in which we built a large-scale corpus of everyday Japanese conversation collected in a balanced manner. In order to record various kinds of conversation embedded in naturally occurring activities in everyday situations, we employ a challenging methodology of collecting conversations; providing informants with video cameras and voice recorders for two to three months, and having them record, by themselves, their everyday activities in a variety of situations. Because the project members do not mediate their field recordings, the informants must explain to other participants the aim of recording everyday conversations and how to publish them, and obtain their consent to publish the recorded conversations. In this paper, we report on the recording method we have developed through test recordings. We also report on the current stage of recording conversations.

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